NOW !!! ???They have a concern NOW ??!!

The noted article from a local television station (WLTX) states that "my" two legislators (all mine PTL) now have a concern about two alleged hate groups, the KKK and the Black Panthers being scheduled for "demonstrations" at the same time!! NOW!! After the violence is over and done (we hope) these two clow___, er, uh, gents are ever so concerned about these two groups being scheduled together. Why "the aitch" weren't they and the other glorious legislators and our glorious guvvner, our Dear Leaders, why weren't they concerned BEFORE these two groups clashed? They were concerned with the CBF coming down, but "didn't have time" to worry about anything else. "Home to supper", or a couple of pre-dinner cocktails, I suppose. How pathetic. Read on, Good Friends.

State Lawmakers Question State House Rally Policy




Thanks Nikkk Haley for all you do

Because of "governor" Nikk(k) Haley's kneejerk reaction to the Mother Emmanuel Massacre and the subsequent hate movement of the NAACP, this type of criminal activity now persists throughout the South and the entire united State. Gee thanks, "guvv".




Read the full story here:

Haley to flag supporters ...

We're not trying to take away your heritage. Really??!! Now is a ridiculous time to be explaining your position to the large majority of South Carolina citizens who hold a different opinion from that of you, the NAACP and the Black Panthers. It's what should have started the dialogue, not your "seig heil" order that the flag WILL come down. That it should come down was never the question. Your support of the aforementioned organizations was. The NAACP has described the flag in terms of "odious, tyrannical, evil, abhorrent, blight, ugly, idiotic, racist, etc". The Black Panthers have called for the wholesale murder of white people. All this existed with your full knowledge, yet you chose to "let it slide" by not addressing any of it. Therefore you fully endorsed these organizations and their platform of hate. Open cultural warfare and ethnic cleansing of the South, its People, its emblems and history are now underway throughout the entire country thanks to your "adding fuel to a smoldering fire". What can stop it? I shudder to think. Good luck in future elections. You will need it. But, don't count on ANY votes from Southerners. Please share this, fellow Southrons. "Under God, our Vindicator. God save the South".

For the complete statement by NHaley go here.

It's all about BLACK POWER! What's their next target?

As noted in the photo above, the NAACP's goal in the present Confederate Flag controversy is total and crushing destruction of said flag and ALL THINGS SOUTHERN including "the People". Their war against the South began in earnest in 1991 with the issuance of the NAACP's "odious blight" resolution which is printed in this article. In it the flag is described as "an abhorrence to all Americans and decent people". The NAACP and the Black Panther Party will not stop until they have destroyed ALL THINGS SOUTHERN including the People of the South AND THEIR HISTORY. 


Do your part in saving our State and Region from being "deleted from history" by calling the numbers listed below and DEMANDING that this resolution be rescinded and an apology issued by these hate groups. DEMAND that the People of South Carolina be allowed to VOTE on this issue. 


House Lobby desk tel: (803) 734-2402

Senate Lobby desk tel: (803) 212-6700 

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Judge Richard Gantt Historical Society established

Many thanks to the South Carolina Secretary of State Office which "fast tracked" our application to form the noted LLC in honor of Gantt Family Patriarch, Richard Gantt of Prince Georges County, Maryland. Judge Gantt emigrated to South Carolina in about 1790 and married Sarah Allen of Virginia. They had ten children, all born in Edgefield District. The Judge and Great3-Grandmother Sarah resided in Columbia for some time as he was the Clerk of the South Carolina Legislature for many years. They moved to the Greenville area in the early 1800s. Miss Sarah died in 1848, and the Judge died in 1850. They are both buried in a Gantt Family Cemetery in South

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Lincoln is the most "under quoted" person in our history. Much of what he said is "hidden away" by those who wish to portray him as some "great savior" who "came down from on High" and made the world right for all American peoples, especially black people. He saved no one. From now on, several times a week, PEOPLE-SOUTH will publish quotes from Lincoln to acquaint you with these words "hidden away" for so many years. You decide what they mean. Here's the first ...


This concerned Lincoln's plan to resolve the "race issue" in the States by "colonizing" all free black citizens. That is, they were to be deported to any other place in the world than have them remain in any States. 

AFRICAN SLAVERY a different look

Do you know how many Africans were transported as slaves into North America? Do you know who brought them to these shores? Where did they come from in Africa? Who began the enslavement process on the Dark Continent? These and many other "seldom asked" questions are answered in this latest publication by yours truly. Another short and easy to read book with facts generally withheld (ignored) and/or purposely altered by today's "PC historians". 

Few realize that almost 12,000,000 (twelve million) Africans were enslaved in the Caribbean Islands as well as South America and Central America. Nor do they know why such a large number of slave laborers was necessary in the Southern hemisphere of the Americas. Answers are in this newest publication from SpencerG. Copies are available on Amazon for paperback ($5.95) and for Kindle ($1.95). 

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Doctor Kirk's Analysis of .....



Whether black or white or Northerner or Southerner, Spencer Gantt’s Slavery and Lincoln’s War is as good a place to begin as any book about the conflict of 1861-1865 to understand what America’s Civil War was and was not all about.  Just as he discovered “surprising information” he “had never read, never imagined, and never been taught,” so will readers of his book do likewise.  With caveats noted about “Total War,” “Lincoln’s Unconstitutional Acts”[as a “Dictator” and the suppression of civil liberties (that involve complicated issues about Executive Power including the President as Commander-in-Chief, and the laws of war), and the Civil War’s avoidability versus its inevitability (about which historians continue to disagree and debate), Mr. Gantt’s slim and inexpensive volume, sprightly written in plain language and peppered with colloquial sayings, is a fast-paced and easy read.

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GENE KIZER'S new book

"SLAVERY WAS NOT THE CAUSE OF THE WAR BETWEEN THE STATES: the irrefutable Argument." Gene's new book is an excellent treatise on the actual cause(s) of Lincoln's War, and slavery is not one of them. To say that this war was to end slavery is simply to "sugar coat" the invasion and destruction of the South, and give "moral cover" for the annihilation of a people. Wherever slavery had ended, it had been done peacefully and with compensation. Only in Haiti and the South, where war erupted, was the outcome a destructive one. In the end, not a single Southerner , black or white, gained anything good from this unnecessary war.


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African Slavery

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