VA Flaggers at Washington & Lee

"I flagged W&L from 2 to 6 on Saturday. The majority of the passing traffic gave no response. Of those that did (maybe 25% - 30%) the response was overwhelmingly positive. One alumnus pulled out of the parking lot and asked me the status of things. He evidently has not been keeping up with things, and was mad when he found out Ruscio had removed the flags. I asked him to get the alumni involved and gave him a copy of my "Blame Abraham Lincoln for the Confederate Battle Flag." I had a stack of them with me and I handed out quite a few. One man walked up the sidewalk and asked me if I had any flyers. I suggest it might be a good thing in the future if we had some brief handouts on the situation for passers by who might be interested.

Of the negative responses, I can think of only two or three thumbs down from people with Massachusetts license plates. Their logo on the plate is "The Spirit of America" which I take to be their heritage of seceding from the British Empire and firing the first shot for their own independence from an exploitative mercantilist empire bent upon invasion, conquest, and coerced political allegiance. Evidently the secession from Old England is considered the height of patriotism in those parts, whereas secession from New England is considered high treason - a logic understandable only if one understands New England hubris.

At the VA Flaggers website .....

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SURRENDER at Orchard Rest: A Southern Gothic Romance


Surrender at Orchard Rest is my debut novel, a tale of passion, pride, and deceit in Reconstruction-era Alabama. Set in fictitious Century Grove, Surrender chronicles the tumultuous lives of the Forrest family as they try to regain their footing after the ravages of the Civil War.

 Somerset Forrest, middle child in the Forrest family, struggles to deal with the disappearance of her previous fiancé, Eric Rutherford, in the foothills along the Chickamauga only five years earlier. She is set to marry his best friend, Sawyer Russell, but Sawyer has a secret that threatens to unravel the very seams of Century Grove. Meanwhile, her mother Blanche deals with a loss that seems inadvertent on the surface but has the ability to tear the Forrest family apart forever.


I grew up on a steady diet of Southern literature and British classics with  gothic elements. I was also surrounded by a host of elders and family members who could list every feud and grudge in our tiny community for the last one hundred years. When I penned Surrender at Orchard Rest, I aimed to pay homage to Faulkner’s claim that the past is never really past, that it permeates our present and haunts our future.  While I can’t give away much of Surrender’s plot without blowing many delightful twists and turns in the novel, I can assure you that the journey is a worthwhile one that will stick with you for years to come.


I never intended the novel to be anything but a standalone book. However, I’ve received enough correspondence asking for another book to convince me to pursue a

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By Tommie Lyn of the Florida Panhandle, an extremely well written story about the Scottish Highlanders, their "loves, lives and wars" and the impact they had on the history of the British Isles, as well as their importance in the settling of the American Colonies. They were, indeed, one of the British groups so very instrumental in the development of the South and the Southern People.

Tommie Lyn weaves a beautiful tale of the "loves and struggles" of a Scottish man and his development into a Southern man. Her novel is loaded with Southern terms which I heard as a boy when visiting my kin in upstate South Carolina. "Hello, the house!" was the customary greeting by the Scots when approaching someone's
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REVIEW of "Paper Woman"

“Paper Woman” by Suzanne Adair

A Riveting Historical Read


While searching for a new Southern historical novel to enjoy, I was shocked to encounter a book set in Georgia during the American Revolution.Given that Georgia is one of our nation’s thirteen original colonies, it should come as no surprise that there are fine Southern authors willing to

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A Great Movie

One of the greatest movies ever made about the era of Lincoln's War. Betcha never even heard of it. It's about ordinary people in the Cumberland Gap area of Kentucky and the horror they experienced because of this unnecessary war. Not just from the Union soldiers, but from their neighbors as well. It's a great history lesson. Inexpensive copies are available on Amazon.


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REVIEW of "High on a Mountain"

This book is amazing -- the story of a Scottish man, a Highlander from the 1700s, written by an American woman of the 20th century who nevertheless captures the era, the culture, the events with amazing accuracy and clarity.

Don't look here for the romance-novel version of the Highland hero, the laird of the castle, the knight in shining armour. Ailean MacLachlainn is from a family of poor crofters -- what we might call tenant farmers or sharecroppers today. Highlander life is hard, sometimes wretched, and though Ailean's early life holds some promise, he will see everything he loves turn to ashes while he is still a young man.

Yet he manages to carry on through losses that would break a lesser man. Lyn's creation of her protagonist is the embodiment of the novel's dedication, " our Scottish ancestors, who suffered

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The price is WRONG!

ARE YOUR BOOKS PRICED TOO HIGH? It's one of the first items I look at when deciding on purchasing a new book or not. I think that most Southern writers fall into this trap by trying to emulate the successful authors of today. But, it doesn't work out well for us in my opinion. 

I list my books at the lowest price which AMAZON will accept and maybe go a few pennies above. For Kindle books I list them at $0.99 or $1.99, never higher. This is because I'm trying to reach the very large portion of the Southern populace which probably doesn't want to spend a lot of money for a book. But, most won't mind spending a couple of dollars on a paperback book, or $0.99 for an Ebook.

Connie Chastain has some Ebooks for $2.99.

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REVIEW of "Why Lincoln Chose War"

I just finished reading WHY LINCOLN CHOSE WAR and felt moved to post my thoughts. I have read dozens of books on Lincoln, and even more on the War between the Federal Government and the Confederate States. This book is well worth the time and money spent for someone who seeks to learn more about Lincoln the man, and his decisions that led this country from Republic to Empire. I frequently speak on this topic and love using another of Spencer's works, SLAVERY AND LINCOLN'S WAR as a quick reference guide. This book will be another.


Spencer’s timeline which leads to the showdown at Fort Sumter and Fort Pickens is extremely enlightening for those not familiar with it. It clearly lays out the evidence that Lincoln pushed hard for anything that would give him a pretext for invasion and war.

The book also discusses some of Lincoln's dictatorial actions in consolidating power in the Union,

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REVIEW of "Southern Man"

I've read lots of non-fiction written by this author over the years, and I know what a great writer she is. So, I looked forward to reading SOUTHERN MAN, her first published novel. And I wasn't disappointed. Her usual facility with words is evident throughout the story.


One thing I've always enjoyed about her writing is the in depth insight she brings to bear on any topic. In SOUTHERN MAN, that insight is applied to the characters. There's a large cast of characters in this novel, three families and their children, as well as the executives and employees of a small company, yet each character is distinct and well-drawn, not one cardboard cutout in the whole bunch. They each have distinct and understandable desires, motivations and actions. And where those motivations clash, the conflict keeps the reader turning pages.

But what I enjoyed most was the smooth and satisfying way she writes, the way she puts words together into sentences, sentences into paragraphs.

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