I Am NOT a Racist, White Supremacist or Neo-Nazi

I respectfully requested and was granted this Guest Column by Hattiesburg Post Editor & Publisher David Gustafson in order that I may publicly reject and refute what I and my fellow pro-State Flag supporters consider to be personal, political, and professional slander and libel against our Good Character, Good Faith, Good Will, and Good Intentions by News Editor Nikki Smith's

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Yet another factor was the poverty diets so many Southerners subsisted on, and how they affected lives individually and the region as a whole. Poverty diets resulted in nutritional deficiency diseases, such as pellagra, caused by diets of cornbread and fatback. Other factors of poverty on the lives of post-war Southerners include the "lazy Southerner" -- a comical stereotype outsiders

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The barbarians shot pet dogs for fun, stole what food they could carry and destroyed the rest so the people would starve, burned houses, barns, stored food, stored crops, crops in the field, even farming implements so no more food could be grown; they slit

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CONNIE CHASTAIN is an independent Southern writer from Pensacola, Florida. She writes mainly Southern fiction with a touch of romance, suspense and other elements. She also is a staunch Southern heritage defender intent on defending the South from the "South-haters" of the day, and providing "the TRUTH of history" in her non-fiction writings.

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NAASP ... what it's all about

Just a start. Just a "trickle". What used to be People-South will now be NAASP ... the National Association for the Advocacy of Southern People. A place where Southerners and their friends can post "news, opinion, events, the TRUTH of history, reviews and information about Southern Organizations and Southern People." This will give us a constant source of information about our South, a place which will help us to

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