DEATH LEADERS!!! in CoronaVirus

Every day we are inundated with statistics regarding the horrible death toll being taken by the American people at the hands of the dread CoronaVirus. Today's WORLDOMETERS report at 12:30GMT shows some 262,711 citizens have died since this "lunacy" began.

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SIX MILLION RECOVERED cases of the dread CoronaVirus. 6,139,961 to be exact. That means there are only some 3,152,231 active cases of the virus. Not nine-million+ as the Dimocraps, "news-pukes", millionaires, RINOs, "swampers" and "cradle-to-grave" career politicians would have you believe. 

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CoronaV data are a HOAX!!!

The new “surge” in alleged CoronaVirus infections is simply a desperate last minute ploy by the Dimocraps, “news-pukes”, millionaires, RINOs, “swampers”, and “cradle-to-grave” career politicians to drive voters over to their side.

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CoronaVirus on the run??!!!

You wouldn't think so if you listen to the "news pukes" and "cradle to grave" politicians. But, take a look at the chart and you may see things differently. Numbers are charted for three groups of States.

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Scan ALL ballots now!

On October 2 this site published an article entitled "STORE BALLOTS! Don't count until ...". In the article it was stated that under the new system "ballots are labeled and sealed in envelopes, then stored until election day".

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Sher and I both voted today at the Board of Voter Registration & Elections, 605 W Main St, Lexington SC. She by giving her sealed mail-in ballot to a voting administrator, and I by "in-person" absentee voting. Her time was about 2-3 minutes and mine was just about 20 minutes. 

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African Slavery

Why Lincoln Chose War

Slavery and Lincolns War