TRUMPs 28 Points of Light

Just borrowing a phrase or two from DUBYA DAD at the Repugnant Nazionale Convention in 1988. To rise above the petty and disgusting "slime campaign" being presented by his opposition, Donald Trump has issued a list of goals he want to attain his first 100 days as President should he be elected. He said to his audience in Gettysburg PA, "This is my pledge to you ... ". There are 28 goals which include 1) term limits for Representatives and Senators; 2) a hiring freeze on federal employees except military; 3) renegotiate NAFTA; 4) withdraw from TPP; 5) lift the restrictions on American energy reserves such as natural gas & clean coal; 6) remove more than one million criminal illegal immigrants, plus 22 more. For his entire proposal read this article at BREITBART.COM.


Eddie McCain for Congress!!!

Let's crank up some major support for Eddie McCain, Citizen Candidate for the US Congress, District 2, South Carolina. Eddie is a citizen candidate running on the American Party ticket, a party FOR THE PEOPLE, not for the "criminal elite" of Das Party (Dims & Repugs). He is running against Joe "Jobs?" Wilson, a Repugnant incumbent of some 15+ years which makes him a millionaire three times over based on "salary" alone. It's time to "VOTE THE BASTARDS OUT", not just "Ol' Joe Jobs". Clean up the House this year; vote for EDDIE McCAIN!!!!!

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