Eddie McCain for Congress!!!

Let's crank up some major support for Eddie McCain, Citizen Candidate for the US Congress, District 2, South Carolina. Eddie is a citizen candidate running on the American Party ticket, a party FOR THE PEOPLE, not for the "criminal elite" of Das Party (Dims & Repugs). He is running against Joe "Jobs?" Wilson, a Repugnant incumbent of some 15+ years which makes him a millionaire three times over based on "salary" alone. It's time to "VOTE THE BASTARDS OUT", not just "Ol' Joe Jobs". Clean up the House this year; vote for EDDIE McCAIN!!!!!

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Changing Course ... Stand by, Folks

It's been a long and not so good 12 months, and I apologize for the inactivity on People-South. We are presently working on re-doing the site with a different focus ... namely elections and government as they affect the People of South Carolina. Will take a few more weeks, so stand by and thanks. (I've got a lot of re-learning to do. SpencerG)

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