STORE BALLOTS! Don't count until ...

By "store" we mean store ballots electronically in a stand alone storage device. Scan paper ballots into such devices, then store them in sealed and guarded lock boxes in a locked and guarded room or building. Under current law

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Active + Recovered + Dead = TOTAL

Since March we have been inundated with daily panic reports regarding total infections of the CoronaVirus Plague and resulting deaths. As of today, the united “States of America” lead the entire world in those two categories.

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All this CoronaV CRAP!!!

Every day we are flooded with numbers about CoronaV that leave us worried. We are constantly given negative data only. The "end is near" say the elitists and experts. It’s going to be “horrible” in the fall.

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Feds PAID nfl to be patriotic?

So does (or did) "our" federal government pay the nfl big bucks to "be patriotic"? The attached article says so. In it an actor and civil rights activist took issue with President Trump for criticizing those players who don't stand "tall & proud" for the national anthem.

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African Slavery

Why Lincoln Chose War

Slavery and Lincolns War