Catastrophic Losses Democrats November

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For the past couple of months the “news gurus” have been harping about the “strong” possibility that there just may NOT be a “red wave” this election. That the Democrats will not lose the Senate and could possibly hold the House as well (or not lose too many seats). All these surmises are, of course, based on poll data which is for the most part not realistic. Polls do not reflect the feelings “of the People” but are personal opinions of professional “bean counters” based on numbers from unknown sources. What do “the People” really think about “elections 2022”?

Remember New Jersey elections 2021? A definite “blue State” if ever there was one damn near went “red”. And, Virginia, a “blue state” (unfortunately) destroyed that “blue regime” by going totally “red” and will hopefully remain that way. Neither was predicted by the “news-pukes” to go the way they did. Will we see similar results this November? All these forecasts by the prognosticators of a Democrat “hold” and maybe “takeover” are just BS and wishful thinking on the part of the current “Gestapo regime” and their lackeys in the press.