Every day we are flooded with numbers about CoronaV that leave us worried. We are constantly given negative data only. The "end is near" say the elitists and experts. It’s going to be “horrible” in the fall.

Do what we say (say our governments) to help check this very “deadly” disease or you’re all going to die! Well, is that true. Is the CoronaV deadly? Are we all going to die? Soon? The data doesn’t seem to support that. Let's check some reported CV facts to see if “the end is near”. We’ll start in South Carolina, "my State, my Home". Is it really as bad as the “experts” and our “dear leaders” say it is?

Each day the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) seems to report only “bad news” about the virus. Only two data points are reported. They are total cases of persons infected, and persons who have died after being infected.

Yesterday, 8/26/20, DHEC reported 112,088 TOTAL cases and 2,408 TOTAL deaths. TOTAL. TOTAL. TOTAL. That’s all DHEC reports. There’s more to it than that. 

This alleged pandemic has been going on for, what, five months now? That’s about 20 weeks. The time to recover from this horrible, horrible disease is about 2 weeks for mild cases and 6 weeks for severe cases. Has anyone recovered yet?  Of course they have!

WORLDOMETER..Com shows South Carolina with “active” cases of 60,089; “recovered” cases of 51,431; and, deaths of 2,573 to give “total” cases of 114,093. Active? Recovered? Where have those stats been?

Stay tuned.