Since March we have been inundated with daily panic reports regarding total infections of the CoronaVirus Plague and resulting deaths. As of today, the united “States of America” lead the entire world in those two categories.

Well yes, OK, and “that’s a fack, Jack!”. And a big SO WHAT?

The numbers for TOTAL that “the higher authority” reports leave out two figures which make up that TOTAL. Besides death cases, there are also active and recovered cases. These numbers are reported daily not just for the States, but for that “entire world”. We’ll interest ourselves just in the States.

In today’s report are numbers for California, Texas, Florida, New York, South Carolina and the 50 States. Why those six? The first four are leaders in total infections and deaths. South Carolina is where I live. And the 50 States? Well, that’s ALL of us. Here’s the data where K = 1000.


State   ActiveK/%    RecoveredK/%      DeathsK/%       Total

CA       383K/47%      417K/51%          15.792K/2%      816K

TX         88K/11%     680K/87%         16.023K/2%      783K

FL        380K/54%      310K/44%          14,317K/2%     705K

NY         65K/13%     394K/80%         33,233K/7%     492K

SC         73K/49%       71K/48%            3,359K/2%      148K

US     2546K/34%   4650K/63%         210,812K/3%     7407K


You will see that Texas, New York and the USA are doing quite well in getting over this plague. Texas is near 90% recovery, New York is at 80% recovery and the entire country is at 63% recovery. All are at 2-3% in the “deaths” category although New York does “soar” to 7%. All percentages are calculated as “parts” of the total. For example, California has 47% active cases; 51% recovered cases; and 2% death cases for a total of 100%.

So is this a plague, a panic or a pandemic? It appears to be more the “middle” choice to this writer. Next topic – “where are the deaths most prevalent?”

Source for all data is WorldOmeters.


PS - apologies for the "raggedy ace chart" (still learning).