Actually, it's five million, eighty-four thousand, six hundred and seventy five people (cases) who have "recovered" from their CoronaVirus infection. 5,084,675 today at 23:10GMT. Do you hear this number reported daily? Of course ... NOT!!!

Every day we get two numbers only in our CoronaV reports. That is, "total" and "deaths". But, the dirty little secret that the counters keep from us is that there are two more numbers they should be reporting daily. These are the aforementioned "recovered" and the never-heard "active". Take all four of these and we have ACTIVE + RECOVERED + DEAD = TOTAL.

So, the entire USA has the aforementioned RECOVERED of 5,084,675 added to 2,638,xxx ACTIVE added to 219,xxx DEAD to give a final number of 7,942,017 TOTAL CASES! And, a recovery rate of 64%. Ain't math sumthin'? Or, is it just simple 'rithmetic?

Speaking of "recovered" these five states have recovery rates of: NY-80%; NJ-81%; PA-78%; CT-71% and MA-84%.

Why the panic?

Stay tuned.


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