You wouldn't think so if you listen to the "news pukes" and "cradle to grave" politicians. But, take a look at the chart and you may see things differently. Numbers are charted for three groups of States.

The top five (1-5) have the highest number of "CoronaV crap" cases in the entire US. The middle five are States 23-27; and the bottom five are States 46-50 with the lowest number of cases.

Blue is good and represents "RECOVERED" cases. That is, people who were diagnosed with CoronaV and are fully recovered carrying on with their lives in normal fashion.

Red is not all that bad and represents "ACTIVE" cases. You know, people diagnosed with the virus who still have it and are working to get well. 

The chart units are in "per cent" because it would be tough to get Texas with 904525 cases on the same chart with Vermont at 2043 cases if you went strictly with numbers. Add the two percentages and you will get a total just short of 100%. Subtract that total from 100% and you will have the percentage of those who died from CoronaV. State death percentages are generally 1-3% and a very few States are in the 5-7% range.

So tell me. ARE WE ALL GOING TO DIE from this MONSTER DISEASE??? SHRIEK!!!!!!!! Doubtful.

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