So said Donald Trump Jr per a Facebook post today, and, he's absolutely right. To verify this ... read on.

There are seven states which lead the nation in Coronavirus deaths. They are New Jersey (1854/M); New York (1729/M); Massachusetts (1444/M); Connecticut (1293/M) and Rhode Island (1128/M), where M=one million people. These are very large numbers are they not? I mean "IT'S SCARY"!! That's over THREE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED DEATHS PER MILLION!!! in New Jersey and New York alone. And, greater than ONE THOUSAND DEATHS PER MILLION!!! each for the other three states! Are we ALL GOING TO DIE!!! from this horrible disease? Probably not.

Using very simple arithmetic, let's convert these numbers from "deaths per million" to "deaths per hundred" where H=100. It's very simple. Just divide those large numbers by 10,000 and you will get NJ-0.18/H; NY-0.17/H; MA-0.14/H; CT-0.13/H and RI-0.11/H. Not nearly so big and "frightening" are they?

 And just what is "deaths per hundred"? Why, it's "per cent"! Even a schoolchild understands per cent. So, what we have above is the fact that all these states have a death rate in the range of 0.1% - 0.2% based on the population of that state and that's not much of a death rate. The death rate for the US as a whole is even lower at 0.07%

New Jersey's population is noted as 8,882,190 on Worldometers and deaths are noted as 16,469. Divide 16,469 by 8,882,190 then multiply by 100 and the answer is 0.1854% or 0.18 deaths per HUNDRED citizens. Multiply that number by 10,000 and the answer is 1854 deaths per MILLION citizens. Which is the larger number? They're both the same, of course. But, "Jane & Joe Citizen" (that's us, folks) understand "per cent deaths" far better than we do "deaths per MILLION". Besides, for the "news-pukes" purposes DEATHS PER MILLION is far more scary than deaths per hundred.

The point here is ... yes ... people are dying from this disease, but not at an horrific rate. The CoronaVirus is no different than any other illness we face as a People. We have to take good care of ourselves, our families and our friends and neighbors. We have to observe certain precautions. We have to be smart and safe. But, we don't have to run around "like chickens with their heads cut off" thinking we're in the midst of another "bubonic plague" or "Black Death". CoronaV is manageable and the situation is being managed well as Mr. Trump Jr suggests.

Three more points:

1. Louisiana and Mississippi have death percentages of 0.13% and 0.11% respectively. They also have closed case percentages of 96% and 88% respectively (among highest in the nation).

2. The five Northern states are in a cluster. What is the significance of that? They also have good closed case percentages except for Rhode Island.

3. Why doesn't Rhode Island have a good closed case percentage?

More later.


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