The new “surge” in alleged CoronaVirus infections is simply a desperate last minute ploy by the Dimocraps, “news-pukes”, millionaires, RINOs, “swampers”, and “cradle-to-grave” career politicians to drive voters over to their side.

It will not work. Absolutely NO ONE is going to change their vote this “late in the game”. Not the EVER-Trumpers and not the never-Trumpers.

If you look at the CoronaV data in a logical, sensible and non-political way you will see that the numbers are “not all that bad”. Seriously. The only numbers considered by the above hate-groups are total infections and deaths. They completely ignore two other very significant data points. These are recovered cases and active cases.

An article published on this site on 30 September is entitled “Active+Recovered+Dead=Total” for CoronaV cases. That is pretty much clear and self-explanatory. But let’s enter a new category called closed cases as noted on Worldometers.

Closed cases = recovered + deaths. Therefore, Total=closed cases + active cases, and active cases = total – closed cases. Confusing a bit but, bear with me and let’s look at the active cases in a few States.

The ten States noted lead the nation with total infections. They also lead the nation with the least number of active cases (with one exception). They are TX-15%; CA-47%; FL-27%; NY-17%; IL-30%; GA-41%; NC-14%; TN-10%; AZ-81%!!!; NJ-19%. Don’t know what happened with Arizona, but such “out of line” numbers are generally determined to be a data reporting error.

So, why are the aforementioned “hate-groups” screaming that we’re still in the midst of a horrible and deadly pandemic?

The rest of the world is doing just fine. And we are too.

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