We should treat the CoronaV as a dangerous disease, but not cower from it nor let the "news pukes" and the Socialist-Communist-Democrats destroy our country and economy.

The data shows that we are in control of the situation and there is no need to panic. With vaccines coming via President Trump's stellar efforts, we will "whip this thing". After all, "it ain't thah Spanish Flu".

  Open Cases - %      Closed Cases - %     Total cases

    4,451,447 - 37          7,424,793 - 63         11,876,240

So you see that when you look at ALL cases and not just "total" and "deaths" you get an entirely different picture and a more sensible and logical take on the numbers.

Look at the source below and pay particular attention to the box labeled "closed cases".

Data acquired at 12:53GMT today via WORLDOMETERS