Every day we are inundated with statistics regarding the horrible death toll being taken by the American people at the hands of the dread CoronaVirus. Today's WORLDOMETERS report at 12:30GMT shows some 262,711 citizens have died since this "lunacy" began.

These deaths are spread out all over the country, but eight states lead the other forty-two in death rate. In "deaths per million(M)" of population they are: NJ-1902; NY-1760; MA-1525; CT-1354; LA-1347; MS-1235; RI-1221; ND-1102.These are HUGE numbers, don't you agree? I mean, almost 2000 deaths per million in NJ & NY; some 1500 per million in MA & CT; over 1000 per million in the other four states. But, are these numbers actually "that high"? "Deaths per million" is a term for the "experts", the "bean counters", mathmeticians, statisticians, et al. It's difficult to understand for most of us "ordinary" citizens. Isn't there a better, more understandable way to express the death rate?

How about "per cent"? We all understand that. Parts per 100. A nickel is 5% of a dollar. A quarter is 25% of a dollar, and so on. Then let's convert "deaths per million" to "deaths per 100" or in layman's terms to "per cent".

To calculate in per cent you multiply deaths by 100 and divide that number by population. To convert from deaths per million to deaths per one hundred you divide the deaths per million by 10,000.

This calculates to be: NJ-0.19%; NY-0.18%; MA-0.15%; CT-0.14%; LA-0.13%; MS-0.12%; RI-0.12%; ND-0.11%. Are these numbers "that high"?

Also, notice the distribution of these "death leaders". FIVE are clustered in the northeast (NJ, NY, MA, CT, RI); two are in the deep South (LA, MS) and one (ND) is in the far west. What is the significance of the "cluster of five" in the northeast?


Data for this article extracted from WORLDOMETERS and ABBREVIATIONS