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Open Cases

6,858,484 (20.9%)

Total Cases - 32,824,013 


Chance of Recovery - 98%

Chance of Dying - 2%


This summary focuses strongly on "CLOSED CASES", a number which is NEVER given to you by the "news-pukes" nor by our "dear leaders" in the CDC and other government entities. "CLOSED CASES" are those people who have recovered from a CoronaV infection plus those who have died from the infection.

We are only told the total number of accumulated cases of the CoronaVirus; that is, numbers reported since March of LAST YEAR (2020)!

Understand that most of those infected with the virus ACTUALLY DO SURVIVE this illness. They RECOVER! They get well! Some die, but very few when compared to the total infected. Per the CDC the recovery time is about two weeks for moderate cases and about six weeks for more severe cases. So when you see the total number of cases listed at almosr 33 million, understand that number is made up of CLOSED CASES (recovered + dead); and OPEN CASES (people who are still sick).

The "news pukes" and "cradle to grave" politicians and millionaires are trying to scare us all into doing whatever they say as regards the virus (lockdowns, stay-at-home orders, no church and the like).

Work hard at getting well. Work hard at staying well. Do the things your parents taught you to live a healthy, safe and happy life.