The daily story we get about the "CoronaV PANIC!" is typically that ... "the END is NEAR!" So say the "news-pukes" and the "guvvermint pukes" as well. People are "dropping like flies"! And, of course, "we're all going to DIE!" Well, folks, it ain't necessarily so.

WORLDOMETER posts data about the "CoronaV PANIC!" every minute of every day. Not just for the Fifty States, but for almost all countries around the globe. Their landing page gives a summary for the States which tells us about "total cases, deaths, recovered cases and active cases". Now "total cases & deaths" are the only two stats you ever hear about. That's all the "pukes" want you to hear about. But, the other two are equally important. In fact, more important because "these two + deaths" are actually what make up TOTAL CASES.

Today on WORLDOMETER at 23:59 GMT we have 32,824,013 TOTAL CoronaV cases and 586,148 citizens DEAD. We also have 25,379,381 RECOVERED and 6,858,484 ACTIVE cases.

You do understand RECOVERED, right? Got well, no longer sick. And, ACTIVE? Still sick ... with the virus.

Using a bit of 4th or 5th grade arithmetic we can calculate percentages. That is 77% RECOVERED; 21% ACTIVE; and 2%DEAD. 2% dead in a population of more than 331.4 million. 

Aren't we then on the path to recovery with this "dread" disease? Almost FOUR TIMES as many people have RECOVERED from the disease as those people who STILL HAVE the disease.

Next article we'll take a look at RECOVERED on a STATE-by-STATE basis. 

In the meantime, look at WORLDOMETERS.