Perhaps not totally done as in “the virus is ended” but done in the sense that these 39 States do not project the mantra that the virus is going to “kill us all”!

This is what we’ve been brainwashed to believe by the “news pukes” and our “dear leaders” in that which passes for “national government” these days. And some State governments as well. Everyone who contracts the disease does not die from it. In fact, almost since “day one” of this alleged pandemic 98% of those infected have recovered and only 2% have died. Of the 39 States noted, 31 have a closed case rate of 90% or greater. They are: TX97; IL95; PA95; OH98; NC98; AZ98; TN99; IN97; MA98; WI99; MN99; MO92; SC92; AL96; OK99.73; UT98; IA91; CT95; AR99; NV94; MS99; KS98; NM95; WV96; SD99; MT99; ND99; DL95; NH99; WY99; VT94. (State abbreviations).  

Eight more States come in between 79% and 89%. They are FL85; NY82; GA89; NJ87; MI85; OR85; AK89; CO79. (Worldometers for CoronaV data). 

We have 11 States left, and they show very poor data reporting. Four of them report only total cases and deaths. Data for “active” and “recovered” cases are not given. These States are LA, NE, ME & HI.

7 more States have what appears to be very suspect data in that four of them show active cases (that is … still sick people) of 87%, 90%, 92%, 95%. This is medically impossible of course. Virtually no one remains sick with the virus more than 6-8 weeks according to the CDC, and usually only 2-3 weeks. There may be a “handful” of such cases which last for a long time, but very, very few. The remaining active cases for the other three States are 50%, 56% and 59%. These seven problem States are ID, CA, WA, VA, KY, MD, RI.

Worldometers shows that closed cases nationwide are 83.5% and open cases are 16.5%. Overall, that doesn’t seem too bad. But take out the data of the eleven “suspect States” and the closed case number gets even better at about 92%. This means that only 10% of CoronaV cases remain active as of this day. Why is the government still doing “the Chicken Little”?

Also, dropped by one of the local “HD-po/Low” type stores and a grocery store today.  75% of customers were not wearing masks, and even some clerks had them hanging down around their neck. Many of us think this CoronaV “panic” is over. What about you?