Certainly, to listen to the “news pukes” and our “Dear Leaders”, we are on death’s door every second of every day based on the “news” they provide. But is this really so?

Data about the “pandemic” as noted on this site is from WORLDOMETERS which accumulates CoronaV data on a daily basis from the “Fifty States” and from most countries around the world. The basic data which we need are primarily, active cases of the virus plus recovered cases plus deaths. Adding these three together gives us a total of CoronaVirus cases. But all we are told about the virus by "pukes & leaders" is “total” and number of “deaths” while leaving out “active and recovered”. This presents a false picture of the virus’ spread which is not as bad as it is presented. What would be more accurate would be to report closed cases (recovered + deaths) and open cases (people still infected with the virus). Adding these two together would then give us a more accurate total.

On July 1, 2021, 23:11GMT, 35 States showed closed case rates of >91.7%. Two showed closed case rates of 83.4% and 88.6%. And 13 States showed data and rates which were abysmal to say the least. Even so, the overall closed rate for all 50 States was 85.9% and open (active) cases was 14.1%. Not too bad, really.

But how much better would the rate be if the “abysmal” data were thrown out? When collecting data for such a project, each State should report the exact same data in the exact same manner. Every day. Otherwise, a true representation of the progress and effect of the virus cannot be obtained. Obviously, this has not been done with all 50 States. Let’s look at “the 13”.

Wisconsin, Alabama, Louisiana, Nebraska, Maine and Hawaii report N/A for “active and recovered”. How can we determine their total (and totals for all 50 States) with these two numbers not being reported daily?

California, Virginia, Kentucky, Maryland, Washington, Idaho and Rhode Island report various “strange” numbers regarding the alleged pandemic. VA, KY & MD show almost 1.5 million “active” cases of CoronaV. WORLDOMETERS gives the entire total of “active” cases nationwide as some 4.9 million which means these three States have one-third of all “active” cases. Impossible! The medical authorities state that a virus infection generally clears within two weeks of infection. Six weeks or so for severe cases. These 7 States have very inferior data reporting.

If we remove all data of these 13 States and calculate with the more reliable data from the 37, we have 95% closed cases and only 5% active cases. Put another way, 99.6% of the entire 50 State population (331,449,281 per census) is NOT infected with the great Coronavirus “pandemic".

Take a look at our data source and carefully note the “funny little graph” which looks like a tuning fork turned on its side. You will see that the recovery rate has been running at better than 95% since August 2020. That would be WORLDOMETERS!