... the fight against the "great coronavirus PANIC"!!!


Although the "news-pukes" and the "guv-pukes" tell us CONSTANTLY and DAILY that "you're ALL GOING TO DIE" from this dread pandemic, it hardly seems likely per data provided by WORLDOMETERS. Their numbers don't support such a catastrophe. Let's look at the six New England states for verification.

The "pukes" hammer away daily at TOTAL virus cases and DEATHS. But there are two more types of cases which are used in the calculations. These are RECOVERED cases (people who were infected and got over the virus), and ACTIVE cases (people who are this day actually infected with the virus). So our daily report regarding CoronaV is TOTAL = RECOVERED + ACTIVE + DEAD. Simple, right? This paints an entirely different picture of where we stand with said virus. Let's look at those New England States for proof.

These four States show very high "closed case" rates. They are Massachusetts at 99.8%; Connecticut at 99.3%; New Hampshire at 99.8%; and Vermont at 99.3%. Fantastic!! Don't you agree? But there are six New England States. What about Maine and Rhode Island? Where do they stand in this great struggle against the CoronaV?

Maine does not even bother to report RECOVERED or ACTIVE cases. They simply report TOTAL and DEAD, thereby leaving out these two vital numbers. So adding their numbers to the grand totals for the 50 States is useless. And, senseless. They have much company in this N/A situation in Wisconsin, Alabama, Louisiana, Kentucky, Nebraska and Hawaii. Their data is useless and senseless as well. How can any State be allowed to not report such vital statistics?

Rhode Island belongs to the FUBAR group. You understand FUBAR, right? "Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition"! (If you served in the US Military, you may use another word for "fouled"). California, Virginia, Maryland, Washington and Idaho join Rhode Island in this "sad" group. Closed case rates for the FAB FOUR were in the >99% range. The FUBAR group comes in with "closed case" rates of 56%, 10%, 4%, 51%, 60% and Rhode Island at 8%! Sad. Sad. Sad.

So, the New England States have four great performers in data reporting and two "not-so-great". Nationwide we have a total of 13 States in the "not-so-great" category and, therefore, 37 States which qualify for the FAB FOUR designation.

Stay tuned. More later.


Data for this article acquired today from WORLDOMETERS at 1503GMT.