A couple of paragraphs from VOTE EARLY! VOTE NOW! Most folks don’t know that in South Carolina some can vote IN-PERSON ABSENTEE today! Check it out.




 (social distancing required and available)


Step 1: Visit your county voter registration office.

Step 2: Complete an application.

Step 3. Cast your ballot. 


Got that? Starting as early as 28 September 2020 at 8AM, some registered voters can go to their County Voter Registration Office and vote “IN- PERSON absentee” in the 2020 Election. Find out what your county proposes. DO THIS NOW! Avoid the rush & confusion of 3 November. 

COUNTY OFFICES listed here. https://www.scvotes.gov/how-register-absentee-voting.

Now let’s move on to voting absentee via MAIL.  Several steps more, but a good voting system provided it doesn’t overwhelm the Post Office folks.

First, you must apply for a ballot as our government does not automatically mail you one. When received, you should fill out the request and get it back to your County Voter Registration Office as soon as possible. When you receive your ballot via USPS mail, make your choices following all instructions “to the letter”. Return your ballot to your County Office either by USPS mail or preferably by personal delivery.  Complete instructions for this process can be found here ((https://www.scvotes.gov/absentee-voting.) This is a good and very comprehensive site for learning about voting in South Carolina.

In summary, you have three different ways to vote in South Carolina in this year’s Presidential election. They are:

(1) vote in-person absentee,

(2) vote USPS mail absentee, or

(3) vote in person on 3 November.

 VOTE IN PERSON is preferred because it takes a great deal of pressure off the Post Office folks.