By "store" we mean store ballots electronically in a stand alone storage device. Scan paper ballots into such devices, then store them in sealed and guarded lock boxes in a locked and guarded room or building. Under current law

and procedure, they cannot be counted until Election Day. OK. Storing is not counting.


Under the new system said ballots are labeled and sealed in envelopes, then stored until Election Day. Some counties are already voting "in-person absentee". These ballots will have to be labeled and sealed in envelopes. Ballots will be building up. About 500,000 applications for "mail-in absentee ballots" have already been received. These ballots are already in sealed envelopes to be opened and counted on Election Day. More will be coming. So, lots and lots and lots of absentee ballots building up  and "waiting for the count" on 3 November. What do we do? What do we do?


Legislation is allegedly being considered which would allow election workers to begin opening and counting absentee ballots a day or two before Election Day. Why not just store the ballots in suitable electronic storage devices as noted, then download them for the count into the vote-counting system on Election Day?