Sher and I both voted today at the Board of Voter Registration & Elections, 605 W Main St, Lexington SC. She by giving her sealed mail-in ballot to a voting administrator, and I by "in-person" absentee voting. Her time was about 2-3 minutes and mine was just about 20 minutes. 

The staff of the Voting Center were great. They were pleasant, cordial, efficient and helpful. Actual voting time for me was about 10 minutes including logging in; presenting Voter ID card; verifying identity; making choices on the new machines and producing ballot; then checking and submitting ballot into the system. It was the easiest and quickest voting we've ever done. And, I believe the most secure.

Those who are concerned about "long lines & chaos" on election day 3 November should consider this method of voting. It's easy, efficient and secure. After today you will have nineteen more days to vote "in-person absentee".  

Believe me, it's worth the short trip to your Voter Registration/Elections office. To find your office, click