On October 2 this site published an article entitled "STORE BALLOTS! Don't count until ...". In the article it was stated that under the new system "ballots are labeled and sealed in envelopes, then stored until election day".

However, this is not true. When actually voting "in-person absentee" on October 6, we found that the ballots are actually "scanned into" the new system and, therefore, "stored" until they are counted when the November 3 election day ends. Why can't this be done with the "old system" mail-in absentee ballots? Why can't these be scanned into their own stand-alone storage system and then actually "counted" on election day?

There is a great deal of "hand-wringing" going on as to whether or not election workers will be able to count in a timely fashion the hundreds of thousands of mail ballots which are said to be coming in. The SC Legislature has given said workers another day or two in which to open, prepare and scan these ballots. Will that be enough time to count these "hundreds of thousands" of ballots in a reasonable amount of time?

If we can scan ballots into the new system upon receipt, why can't ballots be scanned into the old system upon receipt? How 'bout the SCLegislature comes back to Columbia just one more time to guarantee a successful election on 3 November?