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Okay … okay. Don’t get your “hockey hot”. It’s not a bad idea, it’s a good idea whose time has come. The 2020 election should have been enough to convince any sensible citizen that our national election system is totally broken. And that the Constitution for all practical purposes is  defunct and ignored in many ways.

It’s going to take a serious “reddening” of the Congress to fix this problem. Amending the Constitution will take many years and we don’t have many years. “The election of a lifetime” happens in about three months and then we have only a few months into 2023 to begin “righting the ship”. How can a “red” Congress fix this problem? They can make new laws which give us a better, more secure and more honest voting system.

Article 1, section 4, of the Constitution  states … “ but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations”. That is, the Congress can make laws which will make Federal elections the same in all 50 States. And that’s why we need a “red” Congress come November 8, 2022. Here’s what we propose.

  • Federal elections for President, Vice-president, Senator and Representative shall be held in even numbered years only.
  • Elections for State, county, parish, local and/or any other non-federal office shall be held in odd numbered years.
  • Registration to vote in federal elections shall be from January 2 to September 30 inclusive. United States citizenship must be proven to register.
  • Early voting for Federal elections shall be from October 1 to October 30 inclusive excepting federal and state holidays.
  • Hours to vote will be normal business hours of the voting facility Monday through Saturday.
  • Voting on “election day” shall begin at 9:00AM eastern time and end at 9:00PM eastern time. Other time zones adjust accordingly. Alaska and Hawaii vote per their own designated times.
  • There will be no voting by mail except for absentee voting as defined by the state of South Carolina (scvotes.gov).
  • Voting machines must be “stand alone” and not be connected to the Internet.
  • Only paper ballots shall be allowed (as in South Carolina).
  • Drop boxes for paper ballots shall not be allowed.


A “new face” for the old People-South site and an expansion of talk to include ALL of the States which make up this so-called “country”.

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