NAZIS and their GESTAPO are back …

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… in the very country that destroyed them in World War II.

You’ve seen the press releases, of course, which show the FBI thugs taking over President Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago. The “perps” claim they are within the law and had proper authority and warrants, etc., to conduct this militaristic break-in. Common sense and legal actions would have worked (and have worked) if the DOJ needed more info regarding the desired records. Instead, it’s “banana republic” all the way. Will the Fifty States survive until NOV 8 and “right the ship”, or will we degenerate fully into Orwell’s 1984?

If Biden’s Gestapo does find any incriminating evidence against President Trump, who’s to say the Gestapo didn’t plant said evidence? After all, no observers or attorneys for President Trump were allowed onto the premises during the invasion.

For more info read this article from HeadlineUSA …