Just a start. Just a "trickle". What used to be People-South will now be NAASP ... the National Association for the Advocacy of Southern People. A place where Southerners and their friends can post "news, opinion, events, the TRUTH of history, reviews and information about Southern Organizations and Southern People." This will give us a constant source of information about our South, a place which will help us to

dixierepublicbuildingcoordinate our efforts to inform each other about what is going on, where & when, who is involved & who said what.


Recently a "far-right" group requested & received a legal permit  to conduct a peaceful, organized event in Charlottesville, Virginia, protesting the removal of various Southern statues associated with Lincoln's War. They were set up by "far left" groups such as ANTIFA & BLM which had no permits whatsoever that we know of.  Feces & urine were hurled at the legal protestors and many were "maced" and beaten by the illegal, counter-protestors as they tried to leave the permitted area when ordered to do so by Virginia Riot Police. The "far-righters" have been unfairly labeled as having promoted racism & hatred, and the "far-lefters" have been lauded as the victims of the evil far-right people.


Facts & film do not support this. Many, many news reports & videos are available which show that the "far-righters" were victims of the "far-lefters". We will bring those to you on NAASP. 


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