I respectfully requested and was granted this Guest Column by Hattiesburg Post Editor & Publisher David Gustafson in order that I may publicly reject and refute what I and my fellow pro-State Flag supporters consider to be personal, political, and professional slander and libel against our Good Character, Good Faith, Good Will, and Good Intentions by News Editor Nikki Smith's

article in last week's edition of the Hattiesburg Post regarding the weekly Southern Miss pro-State Flag demonstration, whereby she appears to broadly favour our profoundly uninformed, misinformed, misguided, unpatriotic and traitorous "antifa" and "BLM" anti-State Flag detractors, while in my opinion insultingly implying that we pro-State Flag compatriots are "racists", "white supremacists", and even "neo-nazis" simply because of our passionate public support for our State Flag of MIssissippi via our regular Sunday attendance at the weekly Southern Miss pro-State Flag demonstration.

But, contrary to how we were inaccurately and unfairly portrayed by Ms Smith's clearly biased article, our unofficial group is nothing more and nothing less than loyal Mississippians who are concerned Citizen Patriots of all ethnicities (White, Black, Native American "Indian", Arab, Jew, Hispanic, et al) and diverse religious persuasions and walks of Life who simply expect and demand that USM President Rodney Bennett--and all the other various university presidents and city mayors who illegally and immorally removed the Mississippi Flag--follow State Law which of course requires the State Flag to be flown at all State-owned--State-funded--State-operated properties throughout the Sovereign State of MIssissippi, and which mandates that the State Flag can only be removed and/or changed not at their or anyone's personal whim, but by an offical Act of the State Legislature and the Governor and/or by direct vote of the legal Voters of the State of Mississippi!

We know that neither President Bennett nor any of the other STATE EMPLOYEES (college presidents and mayors) have ANY legal or moral Authority to remove our State Flag unilaterally (on their own)...This is NOT the long-established democratic American Way, which--via our Constitutional Democratic Republic of Republics [Sovereign States]--requires the direct vote of The People or the lawful Acts of their duly elected STATE Government representatives--NOT the whimsical wrong-headed actions of elected officials of any of our State's political subdivisions (counties and cities), and certainly not un-elected "bureaucrats"--like State-supported university presidents!

And THIS is WHY we pro-State Flag Citizens consistently declare: "NO STATE FLAG? = NO STATE FUNDS!"...If these law-breaking college presidents and mayors refuse to obey our State Constitution and State Law--as they swore a Solemn Public Oath to do at their respective inaugurations--then we demand that their STATE paychecks be stopped--effective immediately and preferably retroactively!  And if THAT doesnt bring them to their senses and sanity, then we expect them to resign--or be fired by the Governor.

Now as to the supposed "negative" association of the Confederate States Flag with our USM demonstrations, we do not display the CSA Flag because the singular focus of our weekly event is strictly about restoring our State and University Flags to their Proper Place on the Southern Miss campus...Not that there is ANYTHING negative or "wrong" with the glorious and worthy Flags of The Confederate States of America*, however we pro-State "flaggers" are strictly focused on Dr Bennett doing his Sworn Duty of upholding State Law and therefore restoring immediately the State Flag of Mississippi AND the official University of Southern Mississippi Flag to their lawful, rightful and proper positions on the Southern Miss campus, and of course we demand the same at all State-owned--State-funded--State-operated Properties--including Hattiesburg City Hall!

*For those with a modicum of Common Sense who are genuinely interested in Education instead of prejudiced, hostile, biased, bigoted indoctrinations concerning the famous Flags of the Confederate States of America--of which most are design-based on the world-famous CHRISTIAN Emblem known as "The Cross of Saint Andrew" (the original Apostle of Jesus Christ), I sincerely recommend the following reliable books: "The South Was Right!", "Myths of American Slavery", "Lincoln Unmasked", and "The Yankee Problem", all available cheap via Amazon...However, unless the reader is sufficiently mature to understand the High Treason that is the senseless insane ISIS-like destruction of our noble Past--which is perhaps one of the greatest of all crimes--then avoid these truth-tellers, lest your childish imaginations filled with the northern yankee myths of our American History, Heritage and Traditions be agonisingly dispelled forever.


DEO VINDICE [Latin motto of the SCV--the Sons of Confederate Veterans, meaning "God Will Vindicate The South"]


AUthor of article: R Scott Farris